Most home insurance policies place low limits on the theft of items such as jewelry, silverware, firearms and other items that are high targets for theft.  If you have more than $1,000 worth of any of these items, and you want them insured; you should talk with your insurance company about how you can cover these items.  Most home insurance policies limit jewelry at about $1,000 per piece.  If you have an engagement ring, or other high value piece of jewelry, you will want to make sure it’s included on your home insurance.  This can be added as a floater with a separate deductible as low as $0.

Backup of sewer and drain is another coverage not automatically included in a home insurance policy.  By adding this endorsement, the damage caused by water entering your home through a sewer and drain, sump-pump well or any other system designed to drain subsurface water would be covered.

Home insurance policies limit the amount of coverage for business property (personal property used to generate income).  If you work from home or you’re self-employed you may want to increase the coverage of your business property and add coverage in case a client is injured on your property.  Only certain types of businesses can be endorsed onto a home insurance policy.  Give me a call and I can help you determine if your business needs it’s own business insurance policy.